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  • Colors of the World Zierikzee

  • JULY 8 TO AUGUST 28, 2023
    LOCATION: Nieuwe Kerk, Kerkplein 1, 4301 EE Zierikzee, Zeeland
    SUNDAY FROM 13:00 TO 17:00
  • This beautiful photo exhibition will make you look at our planet in a new way.

    The “Greatest Wildlife Photos of the World” exhibition features a unique compilation of 60 exceptional wildlife images that draw attention to discovering, understanding and responsibly interacting with nature. These are the winning images by internationally renowned international photographers (from National Geographic and World Press Photo winners, among others). The images pay tribute to the diversity of nature and offer a stunning overview: from intimate animal portraits to pristine natural landscapes.

    The Greatest Wildlife Photos of the World!

    Dear Visitor 

    The world is constantly changing. Developments in media and technology have changed photography and storytelling. We present stories that make people stop, feel, think and act. We exhibit these stories worldwide, bringing the profession and the public up to speed on what is going on. By hosting the exhibition of the “Greatest Wildlife Photos of the World” in Zierikzee, we want to give visitors insight into current developments in visual journalism and natural stories from around the world.

    We hope you enjoy your visit to the Greatest Wildlife Photos of the World in Rotterdam or Zierikzee.Team photoexhibitions.eu
    Contact details: info.photoexhibitions@gmail.com


    Regular Є5.90
    65+ Є4.90
    Kids (6 to 12) Є2.90
    Kids 0 to 5 free